the Deck

With whimsical art this is a gentle yet powerful deck accessible to anyone wanting to discover ancient wisdom and live life with more clarity and presence.

the deck

The Slavic Oracle is a 33 card deck and detailed guidebook set inspired by Slavic paganism, mythology and ritual that provides you with pointed and raw guidance concerning your life. 

As each card is inspired by ancient Slavic customs like Dziady and Kupala Night and Slavic Mythology like the tales of the wild witch Baba Yaga use of this deck will not only connect you to the powerful energies within Slavic paganism but remind you of the magick within everyday life.

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The Slavic Oracle
  • The Slavic Oracle
  • The Slavic Oracle
  • The Slavic Oracle
  • The Slavic Oracle
  • The Slavic Oracle
  • The Slavic Oracle
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A 33 card deck and accompanying guidebook inspired by Slavic paganism, mythology and rituals to provide you with quick and raw insights to live with more presence and clarity.

This deck comes with 33 cards a fully illustrated guidebook a custom top bottom lid box with exterior and interior art

Product Details: Publisher: Running Elk LLC Language: English Created by Anielle Reid Illustrated by Cindy Monroy

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The NFTs

Experience the magic from the mystical world of The Slavic Oracle as the owner of limited- edition GIFs that serve as digital talismans and access to real magic. 

Owners of these one-of-a- kind NFTs will not only own the characters that exist in web 3.0 on the blockchain but they will also be entitled to have real spell work performed on their behalf by a real coven!

Find out what magic each token can bring into your life and collect them all! 


You want to be successful, but you're held back by your fears. 

What if you could get rid of your fears and finally achieve your goals? 

With this digital talisman you can feel confident in taking risks and overcome any fear or obstacle that's been holding you back. 

See what you are capable of and what awaits you at the other side of your comfort zone as the owner of this magical NFT. 

Magical Attributes- a cyber magic encrypted charm inviting fun and fearlessness into your physical and digital worlds 

Utility- one spell performed by a real coven to give the owner the courage to live boldly, take risks and go towards goals fearlessly

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